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Unforgettable Moments



There is no unit of measure of love, but the proof of it is in your hearts, while surrounded by the people you love, you share the same love.

Romantično i ušuškano, u ambijentu koji je stvoren da ostvari sve ono što ste zamislili dok ste maštali o najbitnijem danu, ostvarićete uz pomoć našeg stručnog tima.

The ceremonial hall with 220 seats is equipped with the latest model Tiffany chairs. Decorative elements that we can offer and of which we are proud, you can choose and complement until your dream table setting gets exactly the look you imagined.

A spacious hall with a fantastic view of the river, breathtaking details, provided parking for all your guests and the luxurious nature that surrounds it, is reason enough to celebrate your most important ones right here.



Yes, precisely in our country, the most important thing is that you can say it in nature, surrounded by greenery, with a view of the river and in an environment that we can decorate according to your desire.

When all the formalities pass, our professional team of chefs and pastry chefs enters the scene, who have made 4 packages of the wedding menu for you. It is up to you to choose the one that all your guests will enjoy.

We do not recommend you to our team of photographers and cameramen, but we can offer you the same.

Takođe, ponosni smo na naše partnere, te tako možemo da vam ponudimo odabir sjajnih venčanica, odela, stručnjaka koji se bave dekorisanjem kao i sjajne varijante vatrometa, po promotivnim cenama.

Knock on our door, that's where all your dreams are.



Celebrations, presentations, team building, business gatherings and meetings. Everything you need for your business.

We can rearrange our space in a way that suits you best. The number of seats is 220, and there is a possibility of setting bar tables, video-beams and everything that your project contains.

We offer great food and drink packages, but you can also participate in the creation of a menu that will satisfy the tastes of your guests. Serving is based on a buffet table or pass around option.

If you need additional Organization of events, we can offer you our team of event managers, who will develop protocols and project of the entire organization for you. It is up to you to enjoy the celebration with your business partners.

Free parking for all your guests.

Call us, we are at your disposal for all the needs of your business.



Always fun and full of imagination, children's birthdays are moments that are hard to forget.

As we prepare children's birthdays, we become children ourselves and enter the world of the most wonderful imagination and take care of every detail. The smiles and joy of children when they enter our world of imagination is priceless.

Svi ti baloni, dekorativni elementi omiljenih crtanih likova, maskote, slatkiši i famozna TORTA I zabavi nikad kraja. Ukoliko rođendan proslavljate u toku sunčanog i toplog perioda, zabavu slobodno možemo da prebacimo u našu predivnu baštu, pored reke. Priroda, sunce, zelenilo i svi drugari na jednom mestu.

Also, what is the world of imagination if we do not choose the best food and drink options? For the little ones as well as for the grown-ups.

There are many reasons to look into our world of waves, because it is just a complement to what you and your little ones fantasize about.

The ceremonial hall with 220 seats is equipped with the latest model Tiffany chairs.

We are at your disposal and carefully record all items from your magical world.







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